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Excise Duty refund on fuel expenses

Excise Duty refund on fuel expenses

In some countries, EU businesses can be entitled to a refund of the excise duties paid on the purchase of fuel, in case it is used for their activity of goods or passengers’ transport operators. Non-EU transport companies are excluded from the right to refund.

Which conditions for fuel excise duty refunds?

As of today, only few European countries allow the partial refund of the Excise Duties paid on fuel for transport purposes:

– Spain
– France
– Belgium
– Slovenia
– Italy
– Croatia
– Hungary

As a difference with another important money return for transport companies, the recovery of the value-added tax, the Excise Duty refund regulations are not harmonized within the European Union and, because of this, there is no standardized procedure common to all countries. In principle, each national customs administration sets the rules.

If you refuel your trucks or coaches in the countries listed above, you can get a refund for a part of the excise duties paid on fuel, although there may be some restrictions to the eligibility to claim a reimbursement and how far back in time you can claim the refund. In some countries, you can obtain a rebate on fuel purchased years ago.

Fuel excise duties refunds are usually requested via the countries’ national customs, by completing digital or paper forms along with a full set of documents to support the claim.

What amounts can be refunded?

The amounts of fuel tax rebates change periodically, usually on quarterly or yearly basis. As of 3rd quarter 2022, the tax rates that can be recovered are:

· Spain: 0.049 EUR/liter

· France: 0.157 EUR/liter

· Belgium: 0.0823435 EUR/liter

· Slovenia: 0 EUR/liter

· Italy: 0 EUR/liter

· Croatia: 0,1856 HRK/liter

· Hungary: 3.5 HUF/lite

Although some Countries have reduced the part of recoverable excise duties for transport businesses during 2022, due to the international situation affecting the price of fuel, it is still interesting to recover money on such an important part of a haulier company’s expenses. On the other hand, as of today, Slovenia and Italy have fully cancelled excise duties charges on fuel and for this reason, there is no possibility to get money back on these purchases.

Get support from a professional agent for Vat refund

To ensure you can get the most out of this rebate opportunity, you can ask an excise duty refund agent to submit your claims to the foreign customs.

Your agent will make sure your form is duly completed and supported with all the needed documentation, as well as they will follow up your demands until you get your money back. In some cases, excise duty amounts can be prefinanced to your company, improving your cash flow even faster.

Contact FastVAT to analyse your excise duty refund possibilities and start collecting your money today!

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