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Excise Duty

Do you want to
your fuel COST?

Minimum 4.9%


Our 2 Fuel Excise duty Refund Options

Vat refund fastvat

Fast Excise Duty Refund

Your money refunded faster than ever!
This is the fastest option that enables you to improve your company's liquidity. With this option, you can receive your Excise Duty refunds on quarterly basis instead of waiting for the administrations to process your refund claims, 6 months on average.
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Standard Vat refund Fastvat

Standard Excise Duty Refund

The standard way to get your Excise duty refunded
You do not need the fast refund option? We can help you to recover all due Excise Duty amounts within the legal timeframes that are set by each country.
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In which countries is
part of the fuel excise duty refundable?

Each country is free to reimburse, or not, a fraction of these taxes. At present this possibility exists in:

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Fuel excise duty for which amounts?

Vat refund - circle belgium flag


Recover 0,20 €/liter!
With 3 years of retroactivity!

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Vat refund - circle slovenia flag


Recover 0,07 €/liter!
With 1 year of retroactivity!

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Vat refund tax refund italy flag


Recover 0,214 €/liter!
With 2 years of retroactivity!

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Vat refund - circle france flag


Recover 0,157€/liter!
With 2 years of retroactivity!

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Vat refund - circle spain flag


Recover 0,049 €/liter!

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Vat refund - circle croatia flag


Recover 0,053 €/liter!
With 2 years of retroactivity!

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How It Works

Step 1

Sign the documents that we send you and FastVAT will become your reliable Excise duty refund agent.

Step 2

Send us the copies of your refuelling invoices. Many of the countries allow a retroactive excise duty refund covering 1 to 6 years back!

Step 3

We will then analyse the invoices you send us and give you an estimate of the recoverable amount in each country.

Step 4
If you chose Excise Duty fast refund: You will receive the refundable amount right after the end of a quarter, as soon as your refund claim is complete.
If you chose the standard refund: FastVAT deposits for you the refund claims to the relevant authorities and then we will follow up on your claims until your refunds are completed.
Step 5

For fast refund: We deposit your refund claims and follow up until your refund is completed.

For the standard refund: You receive your refunded amounts once authorities have processed your claims.

Step 6

If your refund is delayed or foreign authorities request additional documents, we check and reply to them to ensure the success of your refund claims!


Those Who Can Apply

European Transport Companies for goods and passengers

As of today, road hauliers can recover fractions of the taxes on fuel in France, Spain, Slovenia, Belgium and Italy. The recoverable amounts in these countries are good enough to represent an interest to claim this refund through a certain procedure.

Thanks to FASTVAT knowledgeable and secured processing of Excise Duty claims over Europe, we offer the pre-financing of recoverable tax amounts to transport companies, allowing, in some cases and countries, a quarterly recovery of liquidity just days after the end of each quarter, instead of waiting for customs’ refunds that could take up to a year.

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Fuel Excise duty for which period and what is the deadline?

Excise duty recovery procedures are not harmonised, so the periods and deadlines depend in which Country you claim the refund. It mainly varies from monthly to yearly claims, for which a certain minimum amount of litres should be reached in order to file a claim.

Some of the countries allow retroactivity to a number of years in the past.

Contact FASTVAT to get more detailed information about national excise duty refund rules.

How long does it take to local customs to respond to your excise duty refund claim?

The refund periods are highly variable but are generally fairly long, from 6 months to more than a year.

FastVAT registers and files applications in each country in which you have sufficiently refuelled and keeps in touch with the administration until the refund is complete.

In some cases, we can prefinance the amount of the excise duty claimed: you can receive the full quarterly or yearly amount as soon as the claim period is open instead of waiting for more than 6 months to get a decision by local customs.

According to each country’s specific procedures and recoverable amounts, it can be very interesting to claim a refund of the excise duty. FASTVAT can inform you about the amounts you can recover or advice on how to strategically improve your refuelling abroad by considering the excise duty refund options for your case.