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Our 2 Vat Refund Options

Vat refund fastvat

Fast VAT Refund

The fastest way to recover your VAT just in few days
Thanks to our secured and efficient processes for VAT recovery, we can pre-finance to our clients the amounts of VAT incurred in a foreign country on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
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Standard Vat refund Fastvat

Standard VAT Refund

The simple and efficient options
In case you do not need our pre-financing services, FASTVAT proceeds and deposits your transport-related VAT claims in Europe and in some non-European countries and ensures that your company recovers all due amounts within the legal timeframes set by each State’s fiscal authorities.
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Where can we help
you get your VAT back?

FASTVAT is fully active within the the EU, both for EU
and non-EU established companies (where allowed), and
in the extra-EU countries:

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Who Can Apply?

Road Haulier for Goods

VAT is recoverable mainly for expenditures on diesel, tolls, tunnels, and sometimes road taxes, although some conditions may apply, especially for extra-EU hauliers or companies transporting their own goods.

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Coach Companies

Coach companies may also be entitled to claim a VAT refund, but as rules are not harmonised for this activity, only few EU countries allow VAT returns for coach companies under Directive 2008/9/EC.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1

Appoint FASTVAT as your VAT refund agent by signing the documents we send to you.

Step 2

Send us all your refundable invoices for fuel, tolls and any other expenses with foreign VAT to be recovered. FastVAT offers the same service to all road hauliers with no connection to your suppliers.

Step 3

FASTVAT analyses your invoices and gives you an estimate of the amounts you can recover in each country.

Step 4

If you chose pre-financing: We transfers to your bank account the refundable amounts within 3 days upon receipt of your electronic invoices.

If you chose standard refund: We deposits your refund claims to the relevant tax authorities and follow up until refund is completed.

Step 5

For pre-financing: FASTVAT deposits your refund claims to the tax authorities and follows up until refund is completed.

For standard refund: You receive your refunded amounts as soon as they are reimbursed by the tax administrations (legal timeframe for tax authorities to refund VAT is 4 to 6 months from the deposit of the claim).

Step 6

Refund is delayed or tax authorities request of additional documents? FASTVAT checks and and replies to tax office letters to ensure the success of your refund claims.

Receive your money FAST
Each Wednesday
Recover your VAT in all
27 EU countries and more
Online VAT refund
follow-up platform
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your language

We finance your invoices no matter the provider*

*if the expenses are refundable on the corresponding country


Which expenses are eligible for VAT refund?

The eligibility to VAT refund and the refundable rate of it depend on the type of the expenses and are regulated by each EU member state.

For the road transport sector, VAT is usually refunded fully or partially on refuelling expenses (diesel and Ad blue), tolls, maintenance and spare parts. Other expenses can also be refunded according to the member state of refund (food, accommodation, purchase of small supplies...). Rules about recoverable VAT can also vary according to the type of transport (goods or passengers) and the origin of the company (established in the EU or in a third country).

VAT refund for which amounts?

The minimum amount for filing a VAT refund application is 400 € for the calendar quarter and 50 € for an annual application. The amounts are per country of deposit.

VAT Refund for which period?

The minimum period for filing a refund application conforming to DIR 2008/9/EC is a calendar quarter and the maximum is a calendar year. Certain tax administrations agree to process half-year applications.

What is the deadline to claim VAT?

Applications can be filed, in general:
- until 30 September of the year following the period for companies established in the EU. For example, all the invoices from 2021 can be filed until 30 September 2022.

- until 30 June/30 September of the year following the period for companies established outside of the EU. For example, all the invoices from 2021 can be filed until 30 June 2022/30 September 2022.

How long does it take to tax authorities to respond to your VAT refund claim?

The directive anticipates a period of 4 months to make a decision and refund the VAT. This period is respected in the majority of countries although in practice, it could take more time to obtain a VAT refund, especially in case of request of additional documents or original invoices from tax authorities.

FASTVAT expertise ensures the mastered submission of VAT refund claims in order to limit the chances of checks from tax authorities.

What are the refund possibilities for coach companies?

Within the framework of transporting passengers, tax legislation is not harmonised at the European level.

Certain countries require that the turnover resulting from transporting passengers be reported in each country, which prevents the use of Dir 2008/9/EC. On the contrary, other EU countries do not tax revenue in the country of transit and thus permit the use of DIR 2008/9/EC for the VAT on the expenses for trips to Europe.

The list of countries in which a refund is possible according to Dir 2008/9/EC for coach companies is:

Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, and Great Britain

What are the refund possibilities for companies transporting their own goods?

The transportation of own goods is considered to be a special case. It is necessary to analyse the company’s activity and transported goods to assess your eligibility to benefit from DIR 2008/9/EC. FASTVAT will expertise your situation and inform you about the possibilities to improve your liquidity.