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Excise Duty refund situation as of January 2023

Excise duty refund

Italy resumes the right to excise duty refund

Italian customs authorities have confirmed the resuming of Excise Duty refunds after having stopped this opportunity between March and November 2022, due to the low rates of the general Excise Duty applied to fuel costs.

With the increase of fuel taxes from last month, the right to a partial refund of 64.18 € per 1000 Litres will be granted for fuel bought within 1st and 31st December 2022.

The partial refund of the excise duties for commercial use of fuel is granted to companies established within the EU and carrying out transport of goods with vehicles of 7.5 tons or more and with all due authorisations to access the market, as well as for companies transporting passengers.

Spain changes payment terms for diesel bonus

Spanish authorities have extended the diesel bonus in force during 2022 until June 30th, 2023.

The Spanish government will continue to repay to transport companies a discount of 0,20 € per litre of diesel until 31th March 2023, then decrease the discount to 0,10 € per litre for the period from 1st April to 30th June 2023.

On the other hand, the Spanish authorities have specified that the bonus will only be repaid to transport companies established in Spain, leaving all foreign companies buying fuel in Spain out of the sustain action.

Additionally, the authorities have changed the terms for repayment of the diesel bonus, for which the discount will not be applied on diesel invoices directly by fuel cards providers, as it used to happen during 2022, but the refund will be added to repayments of the Spanish Excise Duties (the so-called Gasoleo Profesional).

As a matter of fact, transport companies will start receiving a monthly Excise Duty partial refund, for the litres of fuel purchased with proper fuel cards for an amount of 0,049 € per Litre, and an additional refund of 0.20 € per litre, corresponding to the fuel bonus.

What amounts can be refunded for 4th quarter 2022?

The amounts of fuel tax rebates change periodically, usually on quarterly or yearly basis. As of 4th quarter 2022, the tax rates that can be recovered are:

  • Spain
    0.049 EUR/litre
  • France
    0.157 EUR/litre
  • Belgium
    0.0823435 EUR/litre
  • Italy
    0,064 EUR/litre (on December consumptions only)
  • Slovenia
    0 EUR/litre
  • Croatia
    0,1856 HRK/litre (0,0246 €/litre)
  • Hungary
    3.5 HUF/litre

Get support from a professional excice duty agent

To ensure you can get the most out of this rebate opportunity, you can ask an excise duty refund agent to submit your claims to the foreign customs.

Your agent will make sure your form is duly completed and supported with all the needed documentation, as well as they will follow up your demands until you get your money back. In some cases, excise duty amounts can be prefinanced to your company, improving your cash flow even faster.

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