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Changes on Spanish Excise Duty refund regulations

Changes on Spanish Excise Duty refund regulations

Spanish customs authorities have changed the conditions of eligibility for the partial refund of the excise duties on professional fuel.

What are the new requirements for spanish excise duty refund?

Spanish Decree from 3rd of October 2022 has introduced some modifications to the procedures to request the partial refund of the Excise Duty on fuel purchased in Spain by transport companies.

In particular, starting from October 6th 2022, it will be possible to recover part of the Excise Duty only for diesel purchased with specific means of payment, namely specific professional fuel cards duly registered and approved within the Spanish Customs, issued on the name of the purchasing transport company.

Moreover, in an effort to further digitalize the proceedings, the Spanish authorities now require all documents related to Excise Duty refund claims to be exclusively transferred via their online platform, for which previous registration by the Spanish administration becomes mandatory.

On the other hand, as announced earlier this year, Spanish customs have put in place new rules about the frequency for claiming the partial refund of the Excise Duty and it is now possible to recover part of the taxes on fuel for commercial use month by month, rather than on quarterly basis

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