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What is the Excise duty on fuel/diesel oil?

The tax on fuel products is a tax that applies to sales of fuel products in all countries of the European Union. This tax is included in the selling price.

In order to improve the competitiveness of hauliers or to recognize the professional aspect of this trade, and knowing that the selling price of diesel is identical to that of individuals, certain countries have established procedures for a partial refund of this Excise duty on diesel oil tax to the road hauliers from their countries and, by extension, all those in the European Union.

Which countries can I have Excise Duty on diesel oil refund from?

Each country is free to refund, or not, a fraction of their excise duty on diesel oil tax.

Nowadays, the countries which refund partially the excise duty on fuel are France, Slovenia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. 

However, depending on the sometimes very complex procedures, or the consideration of recovering small amounts per litre, this excise duty on diesel oil recovery is frequently uninteresting by the hauliers.

Get in touch with us to learn about current excise duty rates for a particular country and how to do it easy.

What are the requirements to receive an Excise duty on disel oil refund?

FastVAT requires an authorisation, information about the diesel refuelled in the country, kilometres travelled, copies of vehicle registration plates and copies of the invoices.

Sometimes additional documents may be requested by the particular customs. Contact us if you need more information.

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