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Vat refund france

French VAT is known as “Taxe sur la valeur Ajoutée” (TVA). The standard VAT rate is 20% while reduced rates are 10% (agricultural products, trade fairs, restaurant meals…), 5.5% (food products, books, heating…) and 2.1% (medicines, trade of live animals…). Fastvat takes care of your VAT refund in France.

Main rules to claim VAT refund in France

EU businesses (Directive 2008/09/EC) & Non-EU businesses (13th Directive)

Minimum amounts for refund:

– Quarterly claims: 400 EUR

– Yearly claims: 50 EUR

VAT Refund Deadline in France:

– 30th September of the following year

Local proxy:

– Not required

Main refundable expenses:

– Fuel

– Tolls

– Maintenance

– Spare parts

– Meals