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Faster refund with FASTVAT

Faster refund with FASTVAT logo

FastVAT Extranet has developed a new functionality which enables you to confirm that claim is ready to be processed instead of waiting until the end of the deadline.

How does it work?

Once the corresponding quarter ends, log in on your private customer area, click on the button ” ready to be applied ” and your claim will be submitted.

Yes, as easy as that!

Can I do this operation in all my claims?

Yes, at the end of the period and no matter the country we are going to apply the claim at, you can confirm your claim is ready and our production chain will start working for you in your application so you will receive your VAT asap.

It is our duty to continuously find ways to further improve the cash flow, reduce administration and ensure independency for our many customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact our VAT experts if you need any further information or you can also access directly to our Extranet and click on „activate my account”.

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